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This release re-implements multi-delay PCASL and single-delay Q2TIPS PASL support.

Additionally, we have replaced certain BOLD-specific steps with ASL-compatible alternatives. One such case is slice timing correction. Rather than interpolate the ASL time series to perform slice timing correction (as in BOLD preprocessing), ASLPrep now shifts PLDs according to the slice timing. The other major change is to motion correction, which is now performed separately for each image type in the ASL time series (e.g., control, label, and M0 volumes).

Thanks to Sudipto Dolui, Jian Hu, Jan Petr, Manuel Taso, and Kay Jann for their help and feedback.

What’s Changed

🛠 Breaking Changes

Full Changelog: https://github.com/PennLINC/aslprep/compare/0.3.0…0.4.0


0.3.0 reflects renewed maintenance for ASLPrep.

The primary focuses of this release are: (1) fixing easily-fixable bugs, (2) disabling broken features with difficult-to-fix bugs, (3) cleaning up the codebase, (4) expanding test coverage, and (5) ensuring that outputs are BIDS-compliant.

To that end, we have unfortunately had to temporarily drop support for multi-PostLabelingDelay data, as well as PASL data with the Q2TIPS BolusCutOffTechnique. We will work on fixing these features for the next release.

Additionally, this release includes a number of breaking changes. We have renamed several of the outputs to ensure that they are BIDS-compliant. These outputs may need to change again in the future, but that will happen in the next minor release (0.4.0) at the earliest. See the table below for a list of the changed filenames.




CBF time series



Mean CBF



CBF time series after SCORE denoising



Mean CBF after SCORE denoising



Bolus arrival time/arterial transit time



Additionally, we have changed the atlases that are used for the parcellated CBF files. We have brought the atlases in line with those used by XCP-D. However, in the near future, we plan to update these atlases again, so that they are synchronized across ASLPrep, XCP-D, and QSIPrep, so please be aware of that upcoming change.

🛠 Breaking Changes

🎉 Exciting New Features

🐛 Bug Fixes

Other Changes

New Contributors

Full Changelog: https://github.com/PennLINC/aslprep/compare/0.2.8…0.3.0


Bids validation



ENH - Add GE SCAN processing with deltam or cbf

ENH - supressed freesurfer processing, FSL FLIRT with BBR for registration

ENH - basil and scorescrub as options, cbf computation is only default